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Tough Week

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Tough Week

Quito, 4-Dec-2009

… and a setback 😦

Couple of days before I was ready to climb higher peaks, I got hit with a severe flu, affecting my throat and lungs.  “Yes Mom, no worries, I am OK now”  :).  AnywayZ, I was instructed to rest for 10 days and if I didn’t get better the doctor wanted me to head to tower altitudes.  Really pissed me off, ruined my plans…. Learned my lesson though: better “cover up” at night 😉  AnywayZ, situation could have been worst.  Half of Barry’s family (father, sister, nephew, brother-in-law,….) all got hit with Influenza Type A.  Alisson, Barry and I are OK, we all tested negative, but the others were put in isolation at home.  They got the Tamiflu pill, they are all doing fine and are expected to fully recover by mid-week.

So, my past 2 weeks have been “calm”, I took advantage to visit the city.  “Quitenios” are so warm, wherever you go you end up meeting new people, even been invited to their place for dinner or a drink.

Last week was the Fiesta de Quito’s 400th anniversary (“Que Viva Quito!”) and the atmosphere was just electric.  Party everywhere at every corner, daily parades, live shows day and night, food, dance, drinks, drinks and more drinks…. did I say lots of drinks? 😉

The most famous part of the festivities are the renowned Quito bullfights and we watched one of them a few days ago.  What a spectacle!  Although I wouldn’t want to watch another fight again: it’s really awful to see the bull suffering during the whole “game”.   But I always wanted to see a corida de toro and we got 4/6 very good bullfights, especially from Castella (French) and El-Juli (Spanish) toreadores… OLE !!!  “shou, byinta7 mni7  el espagnolé”  😉

And for the icing on the cake, la “Liga de Quito” is Copa Sudamericana Champion (i.e. South America Football Club Champion)!!!

Yo te dare,
te dare Liga hermosa,
te dare una cosa,
una cosa que empieza con “C”:

The Copa Sudamericana final is a 2 game set, home and away.  We saw the home game live in Quito on 24-Nov.  The stadium was full, the singing loud and the fireworks and flares lit up during the opening ceremony and at every goal.  It was beautiful football with La Liga winning 5-1 (after trailing 0-1 in the first few minutes).  But for the return leg in Brazil, in front of 70,000 opponent fans (they played in the famous Maracanã stadium), Liga played absolutely awful!   And they didn’t make it easy on themselves, after just 18min, they got a Red card.  Luckily, the game ended in-extremis with Liga loosing (only) 0-3, which still meant they are the champion, winning 5-4 on aggregate… and the fiesta exploded in Quito… and still on-going 🙂

This week, I should finalize my search and set my dream vacation in motion.  Yep, it’s only just starting….


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