Wha' happen?

Wild La Paz


At La Sanda Verde, you share the refuge with the animals. The way it works is: you are in the cage and the animals are free outside. The animal have all the rights, in between other: they eat first and we 2nd and we are not allowed to approach them, they have to come to us for us to be able to play with them (which they ALWAYS want to do :).  Vicky, Edgard, Dee,… take extreme good care of these animals, most of them were rescued from the black market or from abusive families. . For example, some monkeys hate female (their owner were ladies who beat them). Another monkey is “racist”, he will attack Bolivian of darker color (you figure out why),…


The great Tiahuanacu civilization trace its origin to 600B.C. until their mysterious “disappearance” around 1200 A.D. (some propone they later formed the Inca culture…). What’s sure is their architecture, religion and culture influenced many others including the Incas. I visited what is left of this Tiahuanacu complex (its stones were used to build the local church, village house and even the railway tracks that cut right through the complex!). This Tiahuanacu complex once harbored up to 20,000 people and was surrounded by terrace like fields, ingeniously constructed and irrigated to produce way more food than is possible (or being done) nowadays.


Into the wild

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