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Sponsor Sami and INSPIRE

Sponsor Sami and INSPIRE!

Thank you for your generous support, your friendship and your belief in this cause. I will work hard so as your donations will make a difference in these people’s life:

  • Louay & Rana Cherri;
  • Ramzi & Ines Khanfour;
  • Yves & Zena Khoury;
  • Kim Douglas & Annie Despres;
  • Mark & Kathy Wrogmann;
  • Eric, Nada & Yasmina Dion;
  • Adriana Gutierrez;
  • Barry Morocho & Alisson Larrea;
  • Ziad & Mireille Nader;
  • Vlado and Roza Zrinscak;
  • Francoise Dion;
  • Fadi & Sharon Haouili;
  • Rabih & Nayla Abuchakra;
  • Arun Raman;
  • Alex & Sheryl Chan;
  • Muafaq & Roula Tannus;
  • Toni & Lina Rinaldi;
  • Jason & Becky Benoit and Grace;


This is a call for support to all my friends. Please take the time to read it and I will be looking forward to your response.


Throughout my travel in South America I got to meet & know people from many different cultures and from all genres of life. But what touched me most occurred when I was riding through rural and remote communities; There, I met and lived with humble and down to earth people working hard to meet their daily needs; I was always welcomed with a smile and they shared their home and food with me. They were living happy, content with what they have earned yet dreaming for a less harsh life.

It struck me more than ever how lucky we are… how lucky I am: my family and I are in good health, we live in a great country enabling me to just go “out-there” and discover the world, knowing that when I come back home I can (relatively) easily start anew again. This is when I realized that my trip can only be complete, worthy and true if I can contribute back to others what I have received in life. Throughout my adventure I knew volunteering, helping others improve their livelihood, will be my next endeavor. I want to make a long lasting sustainable difference within families and communities in need of just another chance, of a helping hand, to get started in making a reality their dreams of a better life. “INSPER” has just the right challenge for me.


I joined INSPIRE (formerly MondoChallenge) and volunteered for one of their unique & rewarding program: Women Empowerment: Business Development Grants for HIV sufferers in Tanzania. I will be helping mothers in Tanzania’s rural regions to setup small businesses (of their choice) and accompany them through the challenging startup issues they will face during their endeavor. Within a 3 months time frame, our aim is to allow these new business women to be self sufficient and establish a sustainable business which will support their family’s needs for years to come. The future will be our judge but today we will do our utmost to guide them on the road to success.

You can read the program’s details on either of these websites:


The impact of our work can be felt in a relatively short period of time and its effect is widespread: the mother, her children, the community,.. will all benefit from this new stable income.

Donate on-line

I will be volunteering between 4 to 6 month depending on our work’s requirements and how it’s flourishing. I will rely on your donations to allow me to tackle this next endeavor. First & foremost I need to raise ~U$D100 per family I would be helping (on average 10 families per 3 month period)… and second, your donation can also sponsor my volunteer costs. Please spread the word to family and friends but I also encourage you to approach your companies and ask them to contribute.

To make a contribution you can either visit my donation webpage through JustGiving, a secure, reliable and honest online fundraising business where you contribute directly to FutureSense Foundation (http://www.justgiving.com/Sami-Haouili) which is a partner of INSPIRE. Or you can simply contribute directly to me and I will forward your donation to INSPIRE.

With your financial support we will make a positive impact in these people lives. Please dig deep and donate.

… The Llama Show lives on…

Thank you,

Sami Haouili