Wha' happen?



My name is Sami Haouili and back in July 2009, I was laid off of work.  What started as a simple trip to visit my best friends in Ecuador turned into an adventure of a lifetime.  My trip took a life of its own and I was happy to just tag along.

During my voyage, I met so many travelers, fellow riders and local people who wanted to hear and read about my route.  I used to update my family and friends via e-mail and only recently got a Blog to post my stories and adventures to a wider audience.



Comments on: "Blog" (5)

  1. Nice start. Keep it up.

  2. Adriana Gutiérrez said:

    Hey Sami, I had no idea about this adventure, so courageous. I´m so proud. Congrats,

  3. Salut mon grand ..”Qui veut voyager loin ménage sa monture”..Je vois que tu connaissais bien le dicton …
    Vas y va au bout de tes rêves.. amitiés

  4. Fadi Bach. said:

    Hey Sam,

    Can’t wait to read about the rest! Let it rip…!


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