Wha' happen?


To the many who have encouraged me during my endeavors and to the few who still ask what have I done and question “why”. To my supporters and to the sceptics, to the dreamers and to the anchored souls, I would like to quote an extract from Alphonse de Lamartine’s book “Voyages en Orient” (Alphonse de Lamartine is a French writer, poets, politician and philosopher of the XIX century.  Wiki: Alphonse de Lamartine: FrancaisEnglish). I also did my best to translate his quote into English while preserving its context (see text which follows):

« Il n’y a d’homme complet que celui qui a beaucoup voyagé, qui a changé vingt fois la forme de sa pensée et de sa vie. Les habitudes étroites et uniformes que l’homme prend dans sa vie régulière et dans la monotonie de sa patrie sont des moules qui rapetissent tout. Pensée, philosophie, religion, caractère, tout est plus grand, tout est plus juste, tout est plus vrai chez celui qui a vu la nature et la société de plusieurs points de vue. Si mon esprit s’est agrandi, si mon coup d’oeil s’est étendu, si j’ai appris à tout tolérer en comprenant tout, je le dois uniquement à ce que j’ai souvent changé de scène et de point de vue. Etudier les siècles dans l’histoire, les hommes dans les voyages et Dieu dans la nature, c’est la grande école. Ouvrons le livre des livres; vivons, voyons, voyageons. Le monde est un livre dont chaque pas nous tourne une page; celui qui n’en a lu qu’une, que sait-il? »

Alphonse de Lamartine,

«Voyages en Orient»




« There no complete man other than the one who has traveled extensively, who has changed twenty times the shape of his thought and his life. The narrow and uniform habits that man takes in his regular life and the monotony of his homeland are molds that demean all. Thought, philosophy, religion, character, everything is bigger, everything is fairer, everything is truer with whom who have seen nature and society in many ways. If my mind has grown, if my vision has expanded, if I learned to tolerate all by understanding all, I owe it to the fact I often changed scene and perspective. Studying the centuries in history, men in travels and God in nature, is the great school. Let’s open the book of books: live, see, travel. The world is a book that every step turns a page; whom who has read only one, what does he know? »

Alphonse de Lamartine


As for me, all I can say is: « Keep dreaming because some dreams do become realities »

Ride up!


Comments on: "Why" (2)

  1. Zeinab Cherry said:

    Une reflexion très profonde

  2. amen brother.. life takes a deeper meaning with changing surroundings..

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