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Inti Raymi

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Inti Raymi (Sun Festival)

Cusco, 13-Sep-2010

We trekked the same road back from Agua Calientes to Hydroelectrica then after several combi and bus rides we were in Cusco by nighttime.  Next day, Carlos and I parted way: I headed by bus to Arequipa to meet my “patas” and Carlos went to Cachora to get his bicycle.  We agreed on meeting again here in Cusco to do a couple of other excursions.  As for my bus ride, well, it’s been such a long time that I didn’t travel by bus that I felt dizzy & nauseas the whole way, barely able to get any sleep.  Deliverance finally came when we arrived to Arequipa and I was so happy to get out of this “boat”.  I immediately hooked up with Ryan (US) and xxx (Arg.) who also just arrived to Arequipa from different destinations and we all headed to the same hostel.  A quick breakfast followed by a much needed power nap and it was only in mid-afternoon that we all went out strolling the city.  As for Roy and David, they were attending a climbing & rescue class to be ready for their jungle work so I could only meet them at night.  David was doing OK, life goes on as he painfully said.  Both were excited by this jungle job opportunity as it will bring in a good cash infusion: Now should they get a Mitsubishi L200 or a Toyota Hilux? :).  Tomorrow was their final exam and they had to head home early.  Not to worry, we will celebrate their success in good time :).  As for tonight, well Ryan and xxx were preparing the “pre-game” at the hostel before we hit the clubbing scene.  After a couple of bar hope we ended up at my favorite place, “Deja-Vu”, and I met with Shirley to dance the night away.   Next day, I finally hooked up with Rafa again and it was great chatting again with him.  He also helped me get in contact with Suzuki in Lima.  We headed for a quick stroll north of the city before heading out with his girlfriend for a nice lunch in a traditional restaurant around Arequipa.  We headed back to town late afternoon and hit the clubbing scene again.   And if you think that was enough, well, the following day the boys were finally free to spend the day with me.  I went rope climbing with Roy and David threw me of a bridge ;).  By noon time, we met up with the other guides, including Mitchel and Julver (from Aconcagua!) and soon thereafter the celebration started and a house party formed at Julver apartment which lasted until the wee hour of the morning.     Arequipa is one city I would love to come back to visit… or even stay in!!

I headed back to Cusco with Ryan and the party just continued there.  Carlos was back in town too and he was eager to visit the old Inca capital and its surroundings.  Cusco’s surroundings are a cultural treasure and every day we went on a different tour to explore Inca or Wari ruins or visit colonial villages before spending the afternoon in the city.  I’ll let the picture do the talking so scroll down below and enjoy.  At night, there was no lack of people at my hostel ready to hit the club scene: David and Garry also arrived from La Paz and brought it’s craziness with them ;), Davo & David were 2 Spaniards just out there to rock it all out and with Mani (Puerto-Rico), Julia (Italy) and Claudia (Arg.) the dancing was in full swing.

But as was the case for La Paz, I needed to “escape” from Cusco. But before, one final special night to celebrate my B-day :).  Tomorrow, 22 days after I arrived here I will finally rejoin with Llama and be on the road again.

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