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Patience Is A Virtue

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Patience Is A Virtue

Quito, 20-Dec-2009

I was told a while back that in this country you need “paciencia, paciencia y mas paciencia”.  Well, I am learning… the hard way 😦

I am still in Quito.  The bike paperwork finally got done on Friday and the bike is almost ready, we are working hard at it.  And finally, after 10 days of frustration and lies from so many vendors, I managed to get the rear tire I wanted (Bridgestone 150x70R17, had to order it from Guayaquil).  For the front, I had to use what’s available, so I staggered with a skinny Pirelli (100x90R19). Ah well…
Fabricating all the extras and protection cage for the bike took more time than expected.  Kinda forgot how engineering work goes ;).   I still have to finish my saddle bags support and a few other small things.  But got to tell you, the results are beautiful.  I’ll send pics later.
AnywayZ, the latest plan is to leave Tuesday.  My whole trip route will now change as I need to be in Mendoza by end of January and with 2 weeks delay, it’s not going to happen.  I’ll have to figure something out on the route, probably skip a few locations and maybe even have to drive my bike back up to Ecuador vs. shipping it back, that way I can do the routes I missed on the way down…. which means I just extended my stay in South America 🙂
In the mean time the party here is in full swing for the holiday festivities.  I also went out a few times on my bike to get the feel of it.  The best was a trip to Ibarra with Diego, Christian and their gang.  It was pretty cool, reminded me of the Pony show in T.O. :).  We also went to Yahuarcocha, the local racing track, for a few spins.  No knee dragging though :(.

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