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Trip Info (under construction)

Below are link to my trip information in a table format.

Included are:

  • Distances, duration;
  • Road conditions (at the time I was there!);
  • Hotel info;
  • Rating for routes and hotel (my personal opinion);


  • Distances start/end points are my hostels;
  • Intermediate points distance are usually major intersection, roundabout,…
  • If there was a major detour, I tried to indicate it; Same with blockade duration;
  • Trip duration depends on so many factor:s
    • My speed, Route conditions, Traffic, Rain/Snow, Detour/Blockade, Police, Music I am listening to ;)…
    • Arrival time is often skewed because of entering a new city, getting lost or trying to find a good/safe hostel with parking.


Note: Brown background in table indicates non-asphalted road

  • Off-road rating (obviously, the trip average speed would be a lot less than the speed indicated)
    • Excellent gravel road: very well packed & smooth riding;  Speed: almost similar to asphalt;                                                                                  ;
    • Good gravel road: mostly packed; thin layer of sand and/or gravel+rocks; All cool, just go slow on curves;  Speed: 50-70 Km/h;                                                                      ;
    • Rough road: few cm of loose gravel and/or thick layer of sand; perturbing rocks and/or undulating bumps; Shaky ride; Speed: < 50Km/h;                                                 ;
    • Very bad road: 5-10cm thick layer of gravel or deep sand ruts; Many big perturbing rocks;  Very rough ride;  Speed: 30Km/h;                                                                              ;

Clarifying signs used for describing state of roads:

Undulating bumps;

Winding road;

Mountainous terrain;

Rough road, significant holes and/or perturbing rocks;

Pig!  Muddy road;



Trip Info (click flag)

Ecuador’s “Ruta del Sol” & Ecuador’s “Andes”

Peru’s “Panamericana” & Peru’s “Andes”

northern Chile

Patagonia (Argentina & Chile)

Uruguay & south-eastern Argentina

northern Argentina




Table Example once complete

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