Wha' happen?

Other Stuff

Other items which I suggest you to carry with you.  Some are obvious other came in handy.

Tank bag items (need to be easely accessible):

  • Snacks,  Powerbars, Chocolate, Gum, Candy,… whatever you like;
  • Anti-bacterial lotion or wet-naps;
  • Toilet paper;
  • Guide book & maps;
  • Small notebook and pen;
  • Camera;
  • Sunglasses;
  • Pocket knife;
  • Tire pressure gauge;
  • Change / coins (for tolls);
  • Plasticized color photocopy of driving license and bike license (need to look “real”):
    • The original never leave your pouch (read my stories);
  • Black & white photocopy on a single page with:
    • License, passport and bike ownership/license (some borders ask for it);
  • Lip balm & small moisturizing lotion cream;
  • Toque, wool glove,… for cold weather;
  • Hat/Cap… the sun hit strong in the Andes;
  • MP3 player!



  • First aid kit + medicine (Ibuprofen;  anti- diarrheal pills;…);
  • Water (1L);
  • Tuna can… just in case;
  • My netbook came in very handy.
    • Next time I’ll also bring a Wifi phone mainly for Skype, maps & info while on the go or visiting (there are multitudes of WiFi spots).  Though be careful, twice my cell got robbed


    Travel gear: each has his/her preference, but just a few suggestions:

    • Wear synthetic cloth for riding (Nike Fit Dry, Addidas ClimaCool,…), not cotton;
    • Layering system works best for me (similar to when hiking, climbing and skiing): all synthetic and fleece.  Plus it’s light;
    • Get a warm pair of riding glove (winter).  I didn’t bring one and my fingers froze in and around Ushuaia.  It hurts!
    • Double protect your cloth: Put them in plastic bags then inside your saddle bags;

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